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Thanks to Redon:

– Chapter 1,034: “Sanji Vs. Queen”.

– The name of the geisha that Sanji seems to have attacked is “Osome”. She is looking for her pet, a mouse named “Chuji”.

– Momonosuke seems to grab the clouds created by Kaidou and pull them.

– Queen can use all the attacks of the Germa 66 members, even Sanji’s invisibility.

– Sanji responds to Queen’s invisibility with high-speed movements.

– Geisha Osome enters the battle zone looking for Chuji.

-After the death of Komurasaki (Hiyori), Osome was for Queen her favorite geisha.

-Queen tried to “hire” her services many times but it seems that Osome did not accept. Now Queen attacks her taking advantage of her invisibility.

– Sanji uses a combination of “strength + great speed + exoskeleton + Ambition with” weaponry traits “” to create a powerful fire attack.

– The name of the attack is 魔神 風 (Demon Wind?).

– Then Sanji chains a series of attacks and ends with one called “Beef Burst”. The chapter ends with Sanji attacking Queen with this attack.

– Break Next weak.



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