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Brief summary thanks to Redon

– Chapter 1006: “Hyogoro of the Flowers”.

– Baofang finds Momonosuke’s group.

– Sanji chooses whether to go help Momonosuke or Kinemon.

– Carrot is defeated by Persopero.

– Hyogor and X Drake protect Chopper while he prepares the antidote.

– Hyogoro is infected.

– Hyogoro uses a technique related to swords and flowers (or something like that).

– Marco Vs. King and Queen.

– Perospero discovers Marco.

– Hyogoro can no longer bear the effect of the virus and asks a subordinate to kill him …

– Sanji seems to have made a decision after hesitation but not sure if the decision was correct.

– There is several movements in this vs.(Marco vs Queen and King)

More information, thanks to redon from Arlong Parl Forums.

Luffy (center), Law (left) and Kid (right) in Jump cover.

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Color Spread is dedicated to Beast Pirates.

– Kaidou at the center, from top to bottom.

– Below Kaidou are King (at the botom of Kaidou), Jack (left) and Queen (right).

– Who’s Who is at left upper corner (red suit, blue shirt and pink blade (handle and scabbard)) and Black Maria is at the right upper corner (dark blue and red kimono).

– One Piece logo is at the bottom (in the center, covering King’s legs).

– Page One and Ulti are at the bottom-right (both with white suits, but Ulti’s cape is dark blue and her skirt is light blue). Sasaki (white cape and green blade (handle and scabbard)) and X Drake are at the bottom-left.

– No Break next week


Leaks (These leaks below are for future events not for 1006)

-There will be a great event (supremacy)will happen to Sanji even Zoro’s fans will be Sanji’s fan after that event

-Sanji will maintain the balance of the world

-Sanji will fusion with a mythical fiery bird* not obeying orders

*by obtaining new fruit / new suit depends on the translation

From oda’s draft and conversation between Oda and his editor



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