Author: Riichiro Inagaki
Status: On-Going

3,700 years after a mysterious flash of light petrified the human population, a teenage genius named Senku Ishigami revives to find himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time. Senku learns his revival was possible with nitric acid, reviving his friend Taiju Oki and their classmate Yuzuriha Ogawa to rebuild their civilization. But Senku also revived martial artist Tsukasa Shishio, who opposes Senku’s intent and resolves to create a new world free from the old generation’s corruption. This escalated into a Stone War between Senku’s Kingdom of Science, gaining allies in a tribe of humans he learned are descendants of his father and five astronauts who returned to Earth following its petrification, and the Empire of Might Tsukasa established with those he revived. After Senku’s Kingdom of Science wins, they end up facing a new enemy in a tribe known as the Petrification Kingdom, who possess the device used to petrify the world 3,700 years ago.

Dr. Stone Chapter 170

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